All systems are Pre-approved and inspected by your local code enforcement agency.

Abe's can install all types of septic and field systems.

  • Mound Systems
  • Septic Locating
  • Septic Pumping
  • Sewer Rooting
  • Pipe Relining


Did you know slow drains, bad odors and water on top of your yard are all signs of Septic Failure?  When pumping your septic any run back from your field system are signs of failure. Tall grass by septic area is another sign of septic failure. Drains in your home that are gurgling is a sign of septic failure.


Septic systems fail to function properly when the soil pores becoming plugged with Bio mat material.  This prevents water to flow into the soil and disperse the materials held in the trenches, or flows to the top of the yard area, or back to the tank.  Which will prevent any future drainage from the home.  Did you know the Health Department recommends that the tank is to be pumped every two (2) years?


New system installation:  There are a few different systems that the Health Department may require you to install.


Cost range depends on total square footage.
Gravity Feed Systems
Pressure Dose Gravity Feed System
Sub Surface Pressure Dosing System
Pressure Dose Mound System$15,000.00-$20,000.00
Using the Terralift Procedure: No permit needed, no long wait time needed, no yard damage, immediate use of the system, 1 year guarantee = $1,000.00 back toward new system installation, if Abe’s Plumbing installs new system.
* Permit required in St. Joseph County


The Terralift Procedure does not work on every system, but does work for most systems.  Abe’s Plumbing has owned and operated the Terralift machine for since 1992.  In this time span, we have repaired over 10,000 systems to date, with minimum failures.  We offer one (1) year $1,000.00 back towards a new system, if Abe’s Plumbing installs the system.  Why one (1) year?  Because we know it will only take thirty (30) days to prove to you the Terralift will work. It will add years of life to your old system without lawn damage.(Excluding sprinkler systems)
The price of the Terralift for St.. Joseph County is $2100.00
Here at Abe’s Plumbing, we feel confident we can and will take care of all your plumbing and septic needs.  Why not call one company that can do everything?